Teams muster Raka 7s moves

RAKA 7s tournament director Ropate Kauvesi urges teams and officials to follow the rules of the tournament.

Kauvesi last week responded to querries regarding the registering of 15 players in a team.

“We’re setting a standard that is basically done in the HSBC World Sevens Series where 15 players are registered in the system but 12 players are only allowed into the game village,” he said.

“The three players can watch the game from inside the ground, this allows us to control as well and at the same time we’re running ourselves with the HSBC World 7s series standard.

“Where we register 13 players and we play 12 and one is a non-travelling reserve. If one gets injured they have to be signed off from the tournament doctor to say that he unnecessarily unfits to play and then they can bring one of the three players in to replace the injured player into the tournament.

“In that we looking after the welfare of the players at the same time we’re looking after the tournament taking it into a standard where we align ourselves with what’s happening around the world.”

Kauvesi added now with the release of the pool draws, teams need to work fast to get them sorted.

“Now with the draws being finalised this is where the fun begins where we get the draws and the regulations out to the managers and let them read about and get back to me with questions.

“With the tournament registration we hope that teams submit their registered players by the 10th of November and then any changes should be sent to us so if there is any injury during training they can do their change and give us the names.

Raka 7s Huawei Draws

Pool 1- Army Green, Marist Rugby, First Landimng Calavliers, Vatuniyalumi Brothers.

Pool 2- First Light Taveuni, Tavua Sharks, Tacirua Rugby, Roko SportsNakavu.

Pool 3- Police White, Vomo Island Resort, Covenant Brothers, Red Diamond.

Pool 4- Yamacia, Gaunavou, Naqau Brothers, Duavata Bluez.

Pool 5- Ratu Filise, Dravo, UBB Natabua, Punjas, Navunisareki, Loggies.

Pool 6- McDonalds Saunaka, Tacirua Rugby, Provider Rugby club, Boarder Vatutavui.

Pool 7- Cross of Victory, Lomaiviti Rugby, McDonalds Saunaka, Newborn Waibasaga.

Pool 8- Golden Eagles Waya Steelers, Bay of Plenty, Nasolo Young Brothers, Tavua Remnant Brothers.

Pool 9- Island Breeze, Nabua, Sunrise Pacific, Vunivaivai rugby.

Pool 10- Fiji Bitter Nawaka, Dratabu, Peach Ruggers Sorokoba, Nausori.

Pool 11- Islanders Rugby, Gaunavou, Raiwaqa, ABBA Gold.

Pool 12- BLK Iron, Natabua, Raralevu Nabuavaju, BLK Rangers.

Pool 13- Daveta Development- Eagle Warriors, Naiamataga Young Brothers, Red Stream Combine Brothers.

Pool 14- Silver Water Barbarians, Congo Waimanu, Veivatuloa Namosi, Nakorolevu Warriors.

Pool 15- First Landing, Nakaiolo Brothers, Police Blue, Naiselesele.

Pool 16- Hideaway Hurricanes, West Coast Drifters, Pacific Island Yasawa, Ba River.

Kinton Women’s cup

Pool 1- Striders, Vonoyauyau Cakaudrove, Blue Light Sisters, Naitasiri.

Pool 2- Central Chiefs, Suva Development, Nadroga, Waisere Northland.

Pool 3- Marist Seahawks, Lautoka, Tavua, Army.

Pool 4- Nadi Blazers, Taveuni, Naduku, Wairiki Bua.

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