Teams looking for missing plane return to base

WET weather in Labasa yesterday affected search efforts for the missing Cessna 172 aircraft as teams returned early to their operation base.

The result of the search was also negative.

Divisional police commander North Senior Superintendent of Police Verani Nakauyaca said most teams completed searches in designated areas assigned to them.

The teams operated from Dogoru Village in Macuata where the emergency base is located.

SSP Nakauyaca said the heavy rain did not help with the search of the missing aircraft or the duo on board the Cessna 172 reported missing on Monday afternoon.

“We will return to search in new areas as we have completed our search in the prescribed area given to us in the morning, but the heavy rain condition has not helped,” he said.

SSP Nakauyaca said no signs of the missing Cessna 172 aircraft was sighted during their search.

However, he said the search teams would comb the mountainous range of Delaikoro.

Villagers of Navakuru in Cakaudrove who searched the rugged terrain of Mount Delaikoro towards Savusavu also reported negative results from their search.

Village headman Ratu Vere Wawatabua said the team reached the mountain top along the Delaikoro range overlooking Savusavu Bay.

“But we did not see anything on our way here during the search and we will continue to keep a lookout,” he said.

“There are seven men from the village that volunteered to go on the search and we will continue helping the police and military.”


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