Team to conduct initial damage assessment in Kadavu

Update: 3:33PM A TEAM from the Commissioner Eastern’s office which may include government officials from other government ministries and departments will travel to Kadavu to conduct initial damage assessment on the Island once the weather is fine.

National Disaster Management Office director Anare
Leweniqila said a team from his office will scout the place today and upon
advice from his office to the Commissioner Eastern’s Office, the team will then
be mobilised.

“We will assess the situation then we will advise
Commissioner Eastern to send out his team to assess the situation,” Mr
Leweniqila said.

“We normally provide for a 24hour turn around  but just
because  of the weather it may be delayed like the Prime Minister had
mentioned, the sea is still a bit rough, so once the weather  approves
then the Commissioner Eastern will mobilise his team to check on the weather in

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