Team remains alert

THE Northern Emergency Operation team headed by Commissioner Northern Jovesa Vocea will continue to monitor the weather situation.

Mr Vocea has asked all families living in low-lying areas of Labasa to move to higher grounds as more rain was expected.

“We were alerted early this morning (yesterday) with the flash floods in Labasa, especially in Naodamu housing blocks nine and ten as this is one of the very vulnerable areas in times of flooding and heavy rain in Labasa,” he said.

“Through the assistance of the disciplinary force, National Fire Authority and police we have managed to evacuate 30 families,” he said.

There are seven evacuation centres in the North — six in Macuata and one in Vunivesi in Savusavu, Cakaudrove.

The evacuation centres are Khalsa College, Vunimoli Primary, Nacula Village, Wasavulu, Labasa Sangam and Batinikama Primary School and Vunivesi Village in Savusavu.

“The current weather pattern is aiming at another low pressure coming into the group and is targeting the Northern Division. My message to the public is to take heed of advisories. Please, if you feel unsafe in places you are in, move to higher grounds,” he said.

“Parents are advised to closely monitor their children and police have been advised to chase children swimming at flooded roads and rivers to their respective homes.”

Mr Vocea said they had already had meetings with relevant heads of departments and had briefed them on the operational focus of the current operations.

“So everyone is familiar with what to do but in the meantime, we are still collecting reports from agencies as well as those in the districts like Provincial Administrator Cakaudrove, Provincial Administrator Bua and our outer stations.”

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