Team leader

FIJIAN wonder boy and the only professional player in the Vodafone national football team, Roy Krishna, has been tagged a team leader.

Following head coach Christophe Gamel’s process of selecting Remeuru Takiata as the captain ahead of the game day, the no-nonsense coach said Krishna was more than just a captain.

“Roy (Krishna) is totally different from a captain.

“He is a team leader.

“A very positive leader so I expect him to continue using his professionalism in guiding our boys,” Gamel said.

Krishna, who joined the Bula Boys camp on Sunday, says it’s fantastic to get these words from an expert coach such as Gamel.

“He’s fantastic. He has done so much for this country and is still doing it and credit goes to him. I will try as much as I can, to get the knowledge from a professional side and guide these brothers,” Krishna said.

As the 168th ranked Bula Boys prepare to face 123rd ranked Philippines, Krishna said nothing could be taken away from the hosts as they were indeed a better side than us.

“I watched a few videos of their game and I say they are small and sharp. I think this should suit us as some of our boys are quite tall so we will be going on set-piece.

“We are not taking anything away from them because they are a good side and that is why they are above us.”

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