Team Fiji ready

Pacifi c body builders at the Grand Pacifi c Hotel yesterday. They will compete in the South Pacifi c Bodybuilding Championship. Picture: JONA KONATACI

TEAM Fiji is ready to take on the stage for the 24th South Pacific Bodybuilding Championship 2018 at the Grand Pacific Hotel on Saturday.

President Vilash Chand said this was a great platform for young bodybuilders to showcase their talents.

“We are grateful to host this competition after a successful outing last year at Solomon Islands, we hope to get our athletes comfortable and ready for the competition,” he said.

“Fiji Bodybuilding Federation have been planning this competition for the past months and we are grateful to Fiji Sports Commission for supporting us. “We have teams from New Caledonia, Tonga, Solomon Island, Cook Island and Fiji.

“As you know team Fiji was selected from our domestic competition and the team consist of 13 players.

“We had the Suva Classics as the qualifying round and whoever won in each category took part in the bodybuilding championship “The challenges as usual were funding, looking for sponsors but we managed to mitigate that.”

Chand said some new players who make up Team Fiji and hade set their eyes for their different accomplishments.

“We are grateful to have two veterans in the team, Jekesoni Yanuyanurua and Inoke Ligairi who have empowered these young ones as they prepare to compete.

“With their experience it has really benefited the other builders but also for us as officials. “They have contributed a lot of value in the team.”

He also added that with this competition it has set a target for their next upcoming events which is the Mr and Miss Fiji on the 17 of November. “The program for next year is the same, we have Suva Classic, Miss Suva and we will take part in the Pacific competition held at New Caledonia.”

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