Team Fiji incentives

TEAM Fiji athletes could be given incentives if they win a gold medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games to be held in Gold Coast, Australia in April.

Team Fiji chef de mission Patrick Bower said the idea was being given a consideration.

“It has been our proposal for the athletes to be given incentives if they win a gold medal,” Bower said.

“It has not been done before in the Commonwealth Games, Pacific Games or the Pacific Mini Games and it is being given serious consideration.”

Bower said the national sporting federations needed to ensure the athletes were preparing hard for the competition.

“The national federations must remember that because of the level of the competitions they need to really work hard in their preparation to see that athletes are adequately prepared for the Commonwealth Games.

“The submission of names for the Commonwealth Games are coming to an end which will be on February 7 and then on February 22 the approval will be given by the executive committee.

“It will then be forwarded to the SJC (Special Justification Committee) and the athletes will also have a choice of an appeal if they have not been selected and it will be going to the tribunal and the results will be published as to whether the appeals have been successful or the otherwise.”

Team Fiji will depart for Commonwealth Games on March 30.

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