Teachers without practicals ‘unqualified’

Around 200 teachers from the Lautoka cluster gathered in Lautoka at Tilak High School for a talanoa session with Education Minister, Premila Kumar. Picture: FACEBOOK

Teachers who hold a degree but have not done their education curriculum are unqualified teachers.

Minister for Education Premila Kumar said this while addressing more than 100 primary and secondary schoolteachers from the Lautoka district this week.

“I hope I’ve clarified that,” the minister said.

“So education and practical is the most important component and it makes sense because if you look at any other profession, for example, legal or medical, for medical, you can have your MBBS degree but you’re still not a doctor unless and until you do your hospital rounds.

“So you need to do that you will be assessed and after you have completed your internship, then only you given the qualification and you are called a doctor and the same principle applies in the education sector.”

Mrs Kumar said Government also made a commitment to upgrade teachers’ welfare and salary. She said teachers who were on the Band E salary and had upgraded their qualification would be offered five-year contracts.

She also reminded educators that the Fiji Teachers Registration Act clearly stated that unqualified teachers could be given a contract of four years if they proved that they were studying to complete their qualification.

Mrs Kumar also acknowledged teachers’ hard work during the COVID-19 crisis to ensure that Fijian children continued their education.

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