Teachers told to keep abreast of change

EDUCATION Ministry permanent secretary Alison Burchell has challenged teachers to keep abreast of the changing dynamics of the education system.

She said the challenge would also be in keeping classroom activity relevant to the needs of commerce and industry.

“I get worried in other areas where teachers are using the same lesson plan day in and day out, year in, year out because you may be staying in a time warp when the rest of the world is moving fast,” she said while speaking at the Fiji Principals Association conference in Suva last week.

“And we need to challenge ourselves as teachers to make sure that what we’re teaching our students is cutting edge.

“That means getting on to the internet and doing a lot of reading.

Ms Burchell added that the Education Ministry also needed to ensure students who graduated were able to utilise their skills in their place of employment.

“It worries me when people from industries say they can’t employ anyone who’s been through our higher education system and that they have to retrain them.

“Now if we’re looking at that in terms of the tertiary level of education it means that we actually need to start it in our ECE (early childhood education). So really we’re starting from day one in schools to prepare people.

“So then they have that choice about which way they want to go into the work environment, into higher education or vocational area. It’s about making sure that we have continuing commitment to self-improvement.”

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