Teachers reminded to be focused

“TEACHERS must not forget their roles as they celebrate World Teachers Day today,” says School Management Association of Fiji national president Govind Singh.

Mr Singh said teachers were the most influential people in the world and therefore, should not lose focus at any time because “they are the beacon of hope for students who need guidance, support and encouragement”.

World Teachers Day is celebrated globally on October 5.

“The teacher’s work is vital for the Fijian economy and in nation building. Therefore, government, school management and communities must invest in teachers for a brighter future,” said Mr Singh.

With this year’s celebration bearing the theme “Invest in the Future, Invest in Teachers”, Mr Singh said teachers’ output was limited to the quality of their education, training and support from stakeholders.

“The teacher training institutions must work in close collaboration with stakeholders to ensure our children have the best teachers in the world,” he said.

“To teachers of Fiji, I must say that, while World Teachers Day is an opportunity for communities and society to praise their teachers and pay tribute to the crucial role that teachers play, it is also an opportunity for teachers to be reminded of their tasks and responsibilities.”

Mr Singh said parents and students should often think of the fact that most teachers were required to serve under challenging conditions and environment.

He said teachers should be free from victimisation and harassment.

“The tasks are great, but the capacity of teachers is even greater, and with individual and collective efforts, we can make a difference in the lives of our people.

“The government must ensure that teachers’ rights are protected. Teachers must be free from harassment and victimisation, and they must feel that society is providing support and a conducive environment.”

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