Teacher reports male student in washroom for girls

A 20-year-old tertiary student who was allegedly found inside a school’s washroom for girls was yesterday instructed to meet his lawyer.

Rohit Kumar, who is charged with one count of criminal trespass, appeared before Magistrate Deepika Prakash.

The court was informed that Mr Kumar was allegedly inside the washroom with a female student for hours. A teacher from the school reported the matter to police.

Mr Kumar had pleaded guilty to the charge.

The alleged incident took place on October 26 last year.

The case has been adjourned to April 10 for mitigating submissions.

Meanwhile in a separate case, a man charged with one count of assault with intent to rape pleaded not guilty to the count.

The accused informed the court he opted to represent himself on his case. Ms Prakash has instructed the accused to look for witnesses in his case and to reappear in court on August 13 for his case to be heard.

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