TC Tino: Strong winds hits Rotuma

The Oinafa wharf in Rotuma has been partly damaged as a result of heavy swells and storm surges caused by Tropical Cyclone Tino. Picture: SUPPLIED/TOM MUNIVAI

STRONG winds hit Itumuta, Rotuma, yesterday but according to Rotuma Council chairman Gagaj Samuela Manav, Tropical Cyclone Tino did not cause as much damage as initially expected.

“The weather was bad in the morning (yesterday),” he said, speaking to The Fiji Times from Rotuma.

“We had strong winds from 8am to 11am but after that it began to die down.

“It was not as strong as cyclones that went close to us in the past. “Only the sea remains very rough and no boats have gone out or been allowed out.

“We issued warnings from yesterday (Thursday) and thankfully, people have taken heed.”

Gagaj Manav said schools were shut down in anticipation of the incoming cyclone and would be reopened once given the all clear.

“Our primary children go to Motusa and our high school students go to Malhaha. “The children were kept home today (yesterday), we will relook at the situation and see when they can return to school again.”

Gagaj Manav said he was unsure about the situation in the other six districts in Rotuma because he had not ventured out to ascertain the extent of damage as yet.

About 1600 people live in Rotuma and 110 people reside in Itumuta alone.

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