TC Keni: Waterways recede, flood warning still in place

Update: 8:54AM DESPITE water levels at major rivers decreasing, the Fiji Meteorological Service says flood warnings remain in place.

At 6am today, the following levels were recorded:

Tuva station was 1.56m, which is 0.06m above alert level and decreasing.

Rakiraki station was 3.10m, which was 0.60m abover warning level and decreasing.

Vatukacevaceva station 1.07m, which was 0.07m above alert level.

Toge station was 3.08m, which is 0.92m below alert level and decreasing.

Ba FSC station was at 2.49m, which is 0.49m below warning level and decreasing.

Votualevu station was at 2.46m, which is 1.94m below alert level and decreasing.

Nasivi station Tavua was at 1.66m, which is 0.54m below alert level and decreasing.

In the event of a flood, members of the public should take heed of the following advice:  

Move to an evacuation center or safe place on higher ground. Refrain from walking or driving through flood waters.

Practice caution when travelling along hillsides or landslide-prone areas.

Parents are to ensure that infants and children do not swim or play in or near flooded areas, drains, rivers, and other waterways.   

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