TC Keni: Supervise your children, parents and guardians urged

Update: 12:00PM PARENTS and guardians must ensure children are supervised at all times for the next two days while they are at home.

Fiji Police Chief Operations Officer Acting ACP Maretino Qiolevu stressed this in a statement issued today saying children must not be left alone, nor should they be left in the care of other children.

“Please ensure your children are left in the care of a responsible adult,” Acting ACP Qiolevu said.

“Children need to be reminded that the decision for them to stay home over the next two days was made for their safety.

“Our officers continue to ask children to leave flood-prone areas as they are often found moving in groups playing in the rain and flooded areas oblivious to the threats posed to their safety.

“This puts a spotlight on the roles of parents and guardians and whether they are aware of what their children are getting up to.”

Police have also provided emergency phone contacts to their divisional police commissioners should the other lines provided are busy.



DPC West SSP Abdul Khan – 9906859

DDPC West – SP Mitieli Divuana – 9905633

Western Division Command – 9905457


DPC East  –  SSP Malakai Kivarua 8991094

DDPC East – SP Bereta Naisua – 9905920

Eastern Division Command – 9905563


DPC North – SSP Eparama Waqa 9905678

DDPC North SP Peni Moi – 9905808

Northern Division Command – 9905722


DPC South SSP Tevita Waqabaca – 9905 275

DDPC South  – SP Sakeo Ganivatu  9905 851

Southern Division Command – 9905529

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