TC Keni: RKS boarders safe

Update: 12:36PM ABOUT 584 boarders of Ratu Kadavulevu School (RKS) are being kept safe in all the four hostels.

This was confirmed by the school’s Vice Principal Pio Veivoli today.

Mr Veivoli said all the four hostels which are Ma?afu, Cakau, Degei and Sukuna are sheltering all boarders as of now.

“The boys are staying in the hostel and there are about 18 teachers supervising them,” Mr Veivoli said.

“The teachers are distributed to look after the boys and they are working from the operation room.”

He said the school has a standby generator and there are other school officials who are available at the school to look after the boarders.

“Our food stock is in abundance and the cooks are arranging dinner for the boys,” he said.

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