TC Keni: Nacula villagers in Yasawa on ready mode

Update: 4:10PM VILLAGERS on Nacula Island in the Yasawa group are already witnessing high swells along the coastline.

Village elder and Nacula district representative Saimone Naivalu said the high seas usually signalled bad weather and villagers were already preparing themselves for TC Keni.

“We are prepared as we all know that Yasawa is always on a cyclone path and seeing the heavy swells today reminds us that we should be ready,” Mr Naivalu said.

“The North-easterly wind was also strong this morning and it has been really dark since the morning.

“Villagers have all been reminded to stock up their food and other items as we have the village hall and other houses ready as evacuation centres.”

Meanwhile, Yasawa-I-Rara villager Setareki Tamanivalu Snr said the sun was out this morning but it changed at around 11am and it had been dark and cloudy throughout the day.

He said it was raining on the island last night.

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