TC Keni: Floods in Totoya

Update: 10:07AM SIX families in Tovu Village on the Island of Totoya in the Lau group are currently cleaning debris from their home after heavy rain experienced last night on the Island flooded their homes.

Village headman Lorima Tupou said since Sunday night the village was experiencing adverse weather conditions but last night it was heavy rains accompanied by strong winds.

Speaking in the iTaukei, Mr Tupou said the village has two creeks running through the village and the creeks were flooded resulting in the nearby houses getting flooded too.

He said yesterday morning men from the village had cleaned out the creeks but that alone was not enough to save the houses from being flooded.

Mr Tupou said while conducting the clean up the men had also checked on their water dam which was filled with silt and debris.

He said the advice to the villagers was to boil all drinking water.

Mr Tupou said three evacuation centres have been activated and these are the village church, the nursing station and the school.

Tovu village has a population of 149 staff which includes government staff quarters.

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