TC Keni: Fifteen roads closed up north

Update: 11:34AM FIFTEEN roads have been closed in the North following the continuous heavy rain that led to flash floods this morning.

THE Fiji Roads Authority is urging the public to stay off flooded roadways and not to drive into water of unknown depth and current as it can be life threatening.

The Authority  is closely monitoring the situation of the roads and they are urging the public to remain vigilant, tune into the local radio and listen to the advice of the emergency services.

List of roads closed in the North: 

  • Nasarava Crossing on Nasarava 
  • Qelemumu Crossing on Qelemumu Road
  • Vuniyalayala Crossing on Vuniyalayala Road
  • Navakuru Crossing on Nakorotari Road
  • Vunivau Village Road
  • Coqeloa Road OPEN
  • Vunivutu Road
  • Banikea Crossing on Banikea/ Kavula Road
  • Natua
  • Colo Crossing on Kawakawavesi Road
  • Zailav Crossing on Zailav Road
  • Lalakoro Crossing on Lalakoro Road
  • Nayarabale Crossing on Nayarable Road
  • Buavou Crossing on Buavou Road
  • Navidamu Road 
  • Crossing No. 2 on Tabia / Korosomo Road
  • Dreketi Irrigation Road

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