TC Keni: Do not underestimate

Update: 11:58AM EXPECT more damage out of TC Keni than what you would normally expect out of a catergory 3 cyclone because weather systems of the past two weeks.

The National Disaster Management office briefing for heads of government services this morning discussed the need to make cyclone warnings simpler and more urgent for the public.

Military leader Commodore Viliame Naupoto said he was concerned about the lack of information communicated in laymans terms for the public and asked that this be addressed so the public know to take care.

NDMO director Anare Leweniqila said that while the south west coast of Viti Levu and nearby islands would face the brunt of TC Keni, people in the central eastern division should expect damage force winds.

Meanwhile four roads closed are closed in the central division: 

  • Colata Crossing on Colata Coacoa 
  • Waiwatu Crossing on Navulokani Road 
  • Waimalua Crossing on Navunisole Road
  • Nakorovou Crossing on Nawiwaivusa Road

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