TC Josie: 70 roads closed

Update: 5:31PM SEVENTY roads are closed as of 4pm today as a result of damage caused by TC Josie which is expected to pass Kadavu this hour moving some 60km off the southern islands.

A statement from the Fiji Roads Authority confirms 21 roads are closed in the central division, 47 in the western and two in the north.

A fallen tree on the Kings Road at Drekeinakelo near Kasavu has now been cleared and traffic restored to both lanes.

In the eastern division, all roads remain open.

“Please do not drive into water of unknown depth and current as this can be life threatening. Please find alternative routes where possible and take extra caution,” the FRA said. 

“The FRA is closely monitoring the situation of the roads and we are urging the public to remain vigilant, tune into the local radio and listen to the advice of the emergency services.”

Please call the FRA on 5720 or email for information.

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