TB screening for Keiyasi area

Update: 11:44AM WORLD Tuberculosis (TB) Day will be celebrated tomorrow but the people of Vatubalavu recently took advantage of free health screening at the Breathe Well Mobile Clinic.

Organised by the National TB programme, the screening was for TB and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and was given to people in the Keyasi Medical area which includes 150 villagers.

Ten grant management unit staff with the National TB program participated in the scheme aimed at raising awareness on TB.

Grant manager Vasiti Taylor, said the concept of wellness must be practiced by all.

Turaga Ni Koro for Vatubalavu, Seveci Lumelume said they were grateful for the services provided by the health team.

�This is the first time that any health team had visited us for a medical checkup. We are grateful for the team to provide us with TB information,� Ratu Lumelume said

 A total of 36 villagers were screened for TB with six referred for X-Ray however there were nil cases detected.  

The theme for 2018 World TB Day is �Wanted: Leaders for a TB-Free World�.

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