Taxi permit re-draw

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum picks the first taxi permit winner in Lautoka last month. Picture: DEPTINFO

LAND Transport Authority of Fiji has announced the re-draw of taxi permits after August 21, when the grace period for those who have dishonestly obtained provisional taxi permits ends.

The authority drew the names of new taxi permit owners on July 28 but soon discovered that some may have been dishonest in their applications.

“The re-draw will give honest Fijians who missed out in the first barrel draw the opportunity to be awarded taxi permits that were obtained dishonestly by some recipients. The re-drawn permits will be made available based on the quota within each transport zone,” a statement from the LTA said.

 “The re-draw will take place following the 21-day grace period announced by the LTA for the return of provisional taxi permits from ineligible recipients who provided false declarations on their applications, along with any ongoing or resulting LTA investigations.

“Successful applicants who have been granted provisional taxi permits during the barrel draw on 28 July after filing honest and accurate applications will still be granted their substantive taxi permits after the re-draw has been held.”

The authority said dishonest applicants would not be eligible for the re-draw.

It has advised all provisional taxi permit recipients to refrain from purchasing any vehicles or other associated goods until substantive taxi permits are distributed.

Members of the public are also urged to report anyone who may have been dishonest in submitting a taxi permit application form.

The requirements for a taxi permit are acompleted application form, valid photo identification (passport or voter registration card), police clearance report or receipt, proof of household income and applicants must submit that the combined income of the applicant and the household members is below $20,000.

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