Tawake highlights challenges for albinos

IT is critical for health workers to note a non-healing wound on an albino person because the condition could mean the likelihood of skin cancer, says Fiji Albinism project officer Sainimili Tawake.

Ms Tawake said normally when a persistent sore was visible for more than a month, it should be taken care of because of the susceptibility of albinos to the skin disease.

“Referral pathways need to be activated to allow a person with albinism who acquires skin cancer or who may have non-healing wounds to be referred to the right place such as the Tamavua hospital,” Ms Tawake said.

She said people needed to understand the difficulties people with albinism faced and offer assistance wherever possible.

“We need you and you need us and we look at skin cancer as a threat particularly to an albino,” she said.

She also said people with albinism were often reluctant to go for medical check-ups.

“We request friends and families to encourage a person with albinism to take heed of their health.”

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