Tavua sends stern warning

THEY are here to stay, never to be in the senior division.

Tavua means business with its president Pranesh Prakash saying they will never be relegated to the senior division in future.

Prakash was selected as the administrator of the year during the Vodafone/Fiji Football Association (Fiji FA) Awards night last Friday.

“We developed our own youth players into the main team with the help of the coach in making the team from senior to premier division.

“Only thing we worry about is poaching of players.

“I urge all districts to produce your own players so that you don’t have to poach players from other districts.

“Once the player goes from our own district, he leaves behind a vacuum and it has to be filled by new players which become very hard,” he said.

Prakash said the association has had to work hard to achieve results.

“It is possible all through hard work and team effort from Tavua officials.”

“We had to work with limited resources only, no sponsors, we had to fork out money from our own pocket to look after the welfare of our players.

“We had to sacrifice a lot to achieve our target.”


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