Taveuni market vendors plea for better facilities

Market vendors beside their stalls at Naqara on Taveuni. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

MARKET vendors on Taveuni have pleaded for Government’s assistance to construct better market facilities in Naqara.

In an interview with this newspaper, vendors revealed the difficulties they faced during rainy days.

Vendor Kesaia Raibe said they had had to build their own stalls to save their crops and vegetables from various types of weather.

“If we don’t build our stalls, then no one else will do it and our crops, fruits and vegetables will be damaged from the hot sun or rain,” she said.

“And that is why we need the Government to help us build good markets because more people are coming to sell their produce.

“The stalls currently cost us quite a bit of money so it will be good if the Government can help us out.”

Another vendor, Monika Balagi, who has been a vendor for almost two decades, described their situation as a challenging one.

“It’s difficult for us who live far because we need to bring our produce every day in the bus,” she said.

“So if Government builds better and secured facilities, we can keep our produce in our stalls and don’t have to take it home every day.”

Taveuni district officer Filimone Tagicakibau said talks with landowners to develop Naqara into a town had started and it included the improvement of market facilities.

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