Taveuni bus services to resume today

BUS services on Taveuni should return to normal today as the Fiji Roads Authority rounded up roadworks on the island.

Responding to social media posts by Pacific Buses Transport manager Prakash Sami, who recently announced the halting of bus operations on the island, FRA said they had undertaken roadworks on the south of the island yesterday.

In a statement issued yesterday, FRA stated its road contractor was also completing roadworks on affected stretches in the northern end of the island.

“The repair works on the Soqulu 4 crossing tonight (yesterday) should enable the bus to operate normally from tomorrow (today),” the statement said.

“We had a public advisory sent out yesterday (Wednesday) regarding these roadworks.

“Bus service should continue normally tomorrow (today) as our contractors are attending to the bad sections of the road on the northern end as well.”

On Wednesday, Mr Sami posted on social media that they would cease operations because of deteriorating road conditions.

Mr Sami said they would resume operations once the road conditions on both ends of the island improved.

He said they had no choice but to cease operations as road conditions deteriorated from the heavy rains affecting the island.

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