Targeting mosquitoes

MINISTER Fisheries and Forests Osea Naiqamu spearheaded the ministry’s clean-up campaign around the Toorak area in Suva in support of the Health Ministry’s “Fight the Bite” campaign.

Speaking to officers who rallied at the ministry headquarters in Toorak, Mr Naiqamu said this was a great cause and one which all citizens should take seriously.

“The aim of this clean-up is to eliminate vector mosquito breeding grounds to combat the spread of the Zika virus, dengue fever and chikungunya,” he said.

“We all play important roles in this important campaign and by doing this, we are showing people in this community that we care and that we need to keep our homes and communities clean and free of mosquitoes.”

The officers split into groups and took to the streets to clean up around the homes and schools in the Toorak area.

Officers of the ministry will participate in the campaign every Wednesday until June 15.

Ministry stations based outside of the Suva area will also be involved in the campaign.

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