Taoi raises need for more women in trade sector

MORE women are needed in the trade industry.

This was the view of Fiji National University’s (FNU) National Training and Productivity Centre (NTPC) deputy director for technical training Peni Taoi.

He made the call after automotive students of NTPC received gifts as part of their learning from Asco Motors last week.

“If you look at the auto electrical and the customer service in the automotive workshops, there is a huge demand for women,” Mr Taoi said.

“Women are very good at managing tasks and that could be proven from their homes and that is where the area to showcase their skills comes in.

“The skills area is more into the management of tasks, how best you can manage the tasks so that you can fulfil the outcome of the processes that are involved.”

He said technology was another factor that influenced women to be part of the trade sector.

“The change in technology has helped to make that shift so that more females are involved in the trade sector,” he said.

“We need people with good, soft skills and I think women have all these right attitude and skills that can help out in the industry.”

Mr Taoi has also encouraged female youths to join the trade industry once they finish their secondary education.

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