Tanivula continues Fijiana 7s team training

CURRENT Fijiana 7s stand-in coach Iliesa Tanivula has not left any stones unturned as he prepares the Fijiana team for the Oceania 7s tournament before Fiji Rugby Union also names the national Fijiana head coach.

This week has seen the former Auckland Blues winger giving the national 7s side an intensive work-out to put them back into 7s fitness.

He said as planned his crusade of women knew what to expect and they showed this via their response to the hard hit-out that they have been doing throughout the week.

“Next week will be hard but not as hard as this week before we taper off with game work, the response has been good and it’s always good to come back and get on with it,” Tanivula said.

With the right attitude, Tanivula said he’s been impressed at how the players had also watched their diets.

“Some of them have been doing their own training too and most of them seem to only take two weeks from the month break after Rio and were back into it, there’s a paradigm shift in their attitude.”

The Fijiana coach is also yet to be selected where the appointed person as was advertised by the Fiji Rugby Union need to look after both the 15s and 7s teams unlike the men’s team.

Meanwhile the Oceania 7s tournament will be on November 10 and 11 where the Fijiana side is ranked second to Australia.

Teams to participate in the competition are Australia, Fiji, Samoa, PNG, Cook Islands, Tonga and Solomon Islands.

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