Talks on new communication network

AVIATION experts at a four-day workshop in Nadi are expected to discuss the possible implementation of a new and common communication network for Asia Pacific.

Representatives from 18 countries are attending the four-day Common Regional Virtual Private Network (CRV) workshop.

Hosted by Fiji Airports and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the workshop coincides with the fourth meeting of the Common Aeronautical Virtual Private Network Operations Group.

According to the executive chairperson of Fiji Airports, Faiz Khan, the workshop will help Pacific Island States better understand the various solutions for CRV and strengthen co-operation in the Asia Pacific region.

“The objective of this week’s meeting is to focus on the implementation of a new and common communication network for the Asia Pacific region,” he said.

“Systems are constantly evolving to enhance the overall air traffic efficiency and safety. As subject matter experts, it is important that real questions are asked and answered and more significantly progress is achieved. Collaboration of minds and teamwork brings out the best results.”

He said Fiji was a pioneer state of CRV with active participation from Fiji Airports’ Kelepi Dainaki since 2014.

“ICAO’s target for Air Navigation Service Providers is to roll out CRV by 2020. Fiji Airports is honoured to be given an opportunity to co-chair CRV until its targeted implementation in 2020.

“Fiji Airports applauds ICAO’s initiative to conduct this CRV workshop for the Pacific Island States so that participating states better understand CRV and its benefits.

“It also provides the platform for Asia Pacific representatives to network and to discuss the technical areas of assistance so that no country is left behind.”

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