Talk inspires women

Adi Finau Tabakaucoro with fellow women at the workshop. Picture: JONA KONATACI

THE overall percentage of indigenous Fijians who own a business is 1 per cent and this indication is quite low. Out of this 1 per cent, it is unknown how many of it are owned by indigenous women.

These were the sentiments echoed by motivational speaker and Talent Transformation expert and coach Rachel Petero while talking to Fiji Indigenous Business Council (FIBC) for Women’s workshop at the Grand Pacific Hotel yesterday.

“Our first focus is not money and we build businesses to serve generations.

“One indigenous will serve a certain amount of people at a certain time. We are inter-generational business owners. So that is the difference,” Mrs Petero said.

As a Talent Transformation expert and coach in New Zealand, Mrs Petero purpose is to inspire and develop purposeful leaders.

Her mission is to create a global business that brings coaching, leadership and talent management programmes to life in countries, corporates and communities.

“So if you don’t understand where we start from then it becomes difficult. The business falls down, it breaks down which we see time and time again. It does not last. When we realise who we are and what is our identity then we can build successful indigenous businesses and we can make good money doing it as well.”

Mrs Petero told the indigenous women present that they were at a beginning of an evolution of entrepreneurship. She reminded the women to grab hold of opportunities especially in establishing Small and Micro Enterprises.

“The SME market should be the backbone of our nation. In NZ we have about 50,000 SME businesses.

“Of that a big proportion of it is owned by women. If you look across the world, women are really starting to own that SME market.

“So what I would say to women in Fiji is we are in this time of growth.”

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