‘Take precautions’

THE Fiji Ports Authority Corporation Ltd (FPCL) has advised all port users to take precautionary measures after vessel and cargo operations ceased operations from 6pm on Monday. With Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni descending on Fiji all vessels moored to FPCL buoys had to be cleared.

According to the authority’s spokesperson Losalini Rasoqosoqo, all vessel owners are advised to seek a safe haven at allocated positions while foreign fishing vessel requesting Draunibota anchorage were to be assisted by pilot boat or tugs.

“FPCL will be monitoring path of Severe TC Keni and updates will follow accordingly,” she said.

“Agents, please advise your vessel and shipowners to keep a swinging circle of two cables while at anchorage. Vessel and crew safety is ultimately the responsibility of the master and owners. Other bigger container vessels, clinkers are also requested to move outside the harbour to drift.”

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