Taiwan provides funding for Kiribati’s roads and airstrips project

TARAWA, 02 JULY 2019 (RADIO KIRIBATI) – The Taiwan Government has handed over a cheque worth AUD$1,660,602.00 (US$1,156,489.79) to the Government of Kiribati for the ‘Procurement of Heavy Machineries for Outer Islands Infrastructure Development’ last Wednesday.

The project will involve upgrading of roads and airfields in the outer islands of the Kiribati (Gilberts) and Line Groups including Kanton (Canton), the only inhabited island in the Phoenix Group or PIPA and Banaba.

A total of 21 sealed roads and 19 sealed airstrips will be constructed in these islands under the project.

The objective of the project is to improve access to quality climate change-resilient infrastructure in urban and rural areas by applying double bitumen surface treatment to the roads and airfields.

It will also create the foundation to improve and facilitate tourism and fisheries development in the country and improve quality of life for the outer island communities.

The Kiribati Government, World Bank and Asian Development Bank will jointly commit AUD$70 million (US$8.7 million) for first priority islands, while Taiwan is donating AUD$1,660,602(US$1,156,489.79) to cover the funding gap for the procurement of heavy machineries and equipment for the project.

Taiwan’s Ambassador to Kiribati, Wen Cheng Sung, presented the cheque to the Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy (MISE), Ruateki Tekaiara.

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