Tailevu South schools ready for athletics competition

Tailevu South U13 boys relay team during training at the ANZ stadium yesterday.Picture ATU RASEA

TAILEVU South Primary Schools athletics team officials at this weekend’s 2018 FMF National Chow Games has set their aim on winning 20 gold medals at the ANZ Stadium in Suva.

The Tailevu South team is made up of students from Wainibuku Primary School, Navuakece District School, Dilkusha Boys School and Dilkusha Girls School.

Team manager Filipe Qio said the team had been through tough training sessions in the past few weeks. “The students have trained really hard for this tournament,” Qio said.

“Most of the schools which are part of this district have no proper grounds to train on and the only place we are able to train on is along the road.”

Qio said their team of 85 athletes had set goals that they were determined to achieve at the end of the two-day event.

“I am confident that the determination and hard work that my students have put in for the past few days of training will get us the results we want.

“We will be coming in full force and we will let our actions speak on the tracks.” The games start at 8am today.

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