Tailevu rugby to step up role

BAU coach Ratu Aisea Komaitai has called on Tailevu Rugby Union officials to speed up their weekly competition.

Komaitai said their weekly competition had taken too long to finish and also there was no ground available for the competition to take place.

“Also the changes in the draws, the committee should know who should play and not to do any last-minute changes,” he said.

“The admission is expensive and majority of the players don’t have a job so we’re asking the TRU officials to be mindful of how to organise their competition.

“This is one area that needs to be looked at before the next season.”

Komaitai added despite the challenges they faced the boys still managed to make it to the ground to play. “Majority of these players don’t have a job and live on the island, we’re grateful to them for the past weeks they weren’t any training as we were busy with a funeral on the island. “We asked if they could move the games but unfortunately the committee said if we don’t play this week we’ll lose out. “We are the unbeaten team through this whole season. “Hard work and dedication from the players is the reason that keeps them going. “This season has been a great season for us and we hope to achieve more in the future.” Bau defeated Naisausau 10-3 in the Tailevu Rugby Union knockout semi-final yesterday. Daku won by default against Police, Dravuni beat Cautata 21-20 and Vunivaivai defeated Nakelo 23-10. Tailevu Rugby Union secretary Josefa Turaganivalu stated that they were folloing the Fiji Rugby Union format. “Everything was going as we planned when we had a slight problem in mid-April,” he said. “There was no ground available for us to host our club games because all the grounds were booked. “It was during the secondary school rugby deans competition and the primary school rugby festival that clashed with our weekly competition so we had to postpone the games. “After all the schools competition we then pick up and now on to our finals and we hope that we will improve on next year.” || Bau Coach Tailevu Rugby Union || Ratu Aisea

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