Tailevu rugby revival

DOWN but not out.

Those were the words of Tailevu Rugby Union head coach Tevita Kamikamica as the green machine have set their mission for this rugby season.

Tailevu was demoted to the Vodafone Cup (B-division) this year with Ovalau paving the way for Navosa and Rewa to join the top flight in the Skipper Cup competition.

He said the union would focus on returning to the FRU’s major union for the 2019 season.

“We will work our way back to the Skipper Cup after the completion of the season and the new management will work round-the-clock to make sure that our participation in the major union next year will happen,” the Dravo, Bau, Tailevu man said.

“We took over last year a day before the promotion-relegation started. We managed to form a team but it was not enough. If we were to play another two games, it would have been a different story.”

Kamikamica said Tailevu was like a breeding ground for other major unions who now engaged its former players in their Skipper Cup teams.

“We can’t control these players,” he said.

“For work purpose, they have to leave our union and play for other teams but we are proud to be part of their development.”

Meanwhile, today’s matches have been cancelled because of non-availability of ground. The matches will be played at Sila Secondary School-ground next Saturday.

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