Taiji boxing course offered

Master Junfa Wang from China performs Taiji Martial Arts and Modern Life during the launch at Chinese Cultural Centre on Monday night. Picture: RAMA

PROVIDING basic martial arts techniques and emphasising on the benefits of martial arts for the body and mind was one of the key messages shared during the opening of the Taiji boxing class at the China Cultural Centre in Suva last week.

China Cultural Centre director Xianfu Deng said the Taiji boxing class was a short course for students to learn basic techniques and features soft and slow movement to keep the body relaxed and calm.

“In the short course, students will learn basic techniques of mind, breathing and goodness, greetings and movements,” he said.

“By practising Taiji boxing we will have healthy body and mind and pretty sure it will be very interesting and beneficial to practise the Taiji training,” shared Mr Xianfu.

He said in the past two and a half years, the China Cultural Centre in Fiji had focused on introducing and sharing Chinese tradition and modern culture with Fijian people and also introducing and sharing Fijian culture with Chinese people in different locations.

“With great support and assistance from the Chinese embassy, we have organised a series of cultural events such as exhibitions, performances, lectures and courses which received positive feedback from participants and gained a good reputation.”

To teach the Taiji classes, two experienced trainers from the International Training Centre of Martial Arts in China are in the country. Taiji trainer Junfa Wang said Taiji helped working people to calm down and relax.

The Taiji boxing classes will be held at the China Cultural Centre in Suva every weekday and will end on September 14.