Tabuyaqona: Hospital best place for treatment

A WOMAN in her third stage of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with colon cancer is pleading to all women out there to visit the hospital if they feel changes to their body.

Wati Tabuyaqona said after four months of treatment at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWMH), she finally came to realise that one would only find the best treatment he/she deserved in the hospital.

While sharing her experience as part of the Pinktober awareness campaign, the Moce, Lau, woman admitted being so stubborn when she was first treated for the disease.

But after a quiet moment with God, her life changed all of a sudden and she admitted finding peace which enabled her to overcome obstacles to respect medical professionals, to encounter her chemotherapy stages with strength and be friends with nurses and doctors who she treated like her own family members.

Ms Tabuyaqona, who spent most of her treatment days with private practitioners, said her mind-set had changed with the treatment and the care rendered to her at the CWMH and she was a living testimony to many others who were frightened of going to the hospital.

She was first diagnosed in July after going to the hospital with severe pneumonia but after a few other tests, doctors at the CWM Hospital confirmed she had colon cancer.

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