Tabuya talks on active citizenry

POLITICIAN Lynda Tabuya says the philosophy of active citizenry is to exercise your right to vote.

Ms Tabuya held a public lecture at the University of the South Pacific on active citizenship on Tuesday.

Topics discussed during the lecture included the importance of understanding the first three words stated in the Constitution and Ms Tabuya elaborated on the fact that these words define active citizenship. “The first three words of the Constitution state we the people, it doesn’t say Lynda Tabuya or a specific name it gives the words ‘we the people’, which is the definition of active citizenship,” Ms Tabuya said.

Ms Tabuya reminded those attending the public lecture that as an individual a person had the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution, however, the responsibility embedded in those rights was considered active citizenship.

“You have the rights and the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution, what responsibility comes with those rights that’s active citizenship, it’s more of a balanced approach of activism,” she said.

The public lecture was hosted by USP’s politics students association that will continue to host a series of public lectures in the weeks to come.

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