Tabuya remains People’s Democratic Party leader

PEOPLE’S Democratic Party leader Lynda Tabuya says she remains leader of the party despite claims made that she applied for a SODELPA ticket for the 2018 general election.

Ms Tabuya’s name was on a list of 110 names published by a media outlet yesterday, claiming to be the names of those who had applied for a SODELPA ticket.

Yesterday, she said the inclusion of her name on the list was a mistake and assured PDP supporters of her loyalty to the party’s principles.

“I remain leader of the People’s Democratic Party and I am currently in talks with the opposition party leaders including SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka, and nothing has been finalised yet. The fact that my name is included as have applied would breach the current electoral laws as I am officially registered under the People’s Democratic Party.

“No individual can be registered under more than one party.”

She said there was a possibility of contesting the election under one consolidated party by the coalition but issues including manifestos, number of seats and campaign strategy needed to be negotiated.

“It is common knowledge that coalition talks continue and once finalised my name will appear in the coalition list,” Ms Tabuya said.

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