Syria Park

PART of Syria Park, in Nausori Town is sometimes occupied by drunkards some weekends.

The seating spaces allocated by the town council at the park towards the river side, are used by the general public as a resting area, having lunch breaks, spending leisure times, etc.

The same area turns into a drinking spot, especially on weekends.

Just the other Sunday, a huge crowd was gathered and a drinking party was going on.

Later a big brawl took place which continued for about 30 minutes.

Now I reckon the above-mentioned behaviour doesn’t reflect a good image for Nausori Town, with the recent developments going on.

This has become a common sight on some weekends, which has been continuing for a long time.

I can clearly recall the same situation when I joined the taxi industry in 2007.

At times, police officers are seen chasing these drunkards away, but as soon as officers are gone, the party starts again and the cycle continues.

I believe relevant authorities should be strict when dealing with such people. Verbally warning them won’t make any difference.

“No drinking” signs should be put in place and I reckon the installation of CCTV cameras would be an added advantage.

It would be much appreciated if relevant authorities seriously take heed of the abovementioned situation and come up with suitable plans to get rid of this long due issue once and for all.

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