Swim clubs give $500 to cancer society

FIVE swimming clubs in Fiji Swimming Tracc Eastern Division voluntarily gave a collective amount of $500 to the Fiji Cancer Society at the Suva Aquatic Centre in Laucala Bay yesterday.

According to Fiji swimming Tracc official Viliame Takayawa, their initiative was a result of a brief discussion that was made by the organisers on the eve of their swimming competition.

“Yesterday (Saturday) we had a meeting whether we are going to provide cakes for each clubs but the clubs came out unanimously for us to take money and donate it back to the Fiji Cancer Society,” Takayawa said.

He said it was the first time for them to have done something of this sort and they hoped they would continue with their initiative in all their competitions next year.

Their kind gesture was well received by the Fiji Cancer Society’s administrator Belinda Chan, who thanked them for their generous assistance.

“It is the first time for us to be getting support from Fiji swimming and we do hope that this is going to be a long partnership with them,” Chand said.

She hoped they would continue to work together to create awareness in the fight against cancer.

“With the plans we hope to undertake in the new year I hope that Fiji Swimming will actually be a part of that plan in taking out the message on cancer awareness.”

The five clubs of the Fiji Swimming Tracc Eastern Division consists of Stingrays, Babale, Dolphins, Tritons and Finis Race.