Suva Zone One rises to another level

SUVA Zone One has stepped up another level of competition and the teachers should be credited for a job well done.

Track referee Gabriel Qoro, during the event, said coaches took time in training their athletes to become competitive.

“We can see some of the records were broken in the field event especially in long jump events, triple jump and also in the high jump events. This is some of the technical events which we give credit to the teachers and coaches. I believe they are doing a good job.

“They are on course to a good competition for top schools in the Fiji Finals,” Qoro said.

He said Athletics Fiji was looking into the area which was very hard to encounter where athletes lack to perform in.

“They can become good athletes if they continue to pursue their career in the athletics arena.

“Unfortunately, here in Fiji we breed them, become athletes in high school levels, but most of the time we use them to other sports such as rugby, netball and so on.

“This is because of the passion of the individuality in training.

As an athlete, it is one of the toughest thing that we’ve experienced and I believed that the athletes nowadays need to work on, because to become an international athlete, the sacrifice they need to do individually is paramount,” he said.

Now with the Coca-Cola Games odr the Fiji Finals ahead, it will be a very exciting games this year and the standard of the competition will surely be lifted to another level and spectators will be expecting a thriller competition this year.

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