Suva starts IDC campaign with a victory

SUVA was a tough nut to crack on a soggy Subrail Park ground as they beat Labasa 3-2 in the first round of the Courts IDC championship yesterday.

While many spectators rated the match as a close encounter, the city boys were adamant that their level of preparation and anticipation earned them their victory.

The heavy rain and ground conditions failed to dampen the spirits of the travelling team as they made sure to score their first win in front of the Babasiga crowd.

Suva was awarded a penalty in the 20th minute of the first half where Kolinio Sivoki scored their first goal.

The Babasiga Lions did not lose hope as they fought their way through a defensive Suva side.

Labasa’s Maciu Dunadamu helped his team with a penalty to level points 1-1 before halftime.

In the second spell, Suva’s Ravinesh Karan Singh scored another goal taking the scores to 2-1.

The momentum picked up and minutes later, Labasa goalkeeper Epeli Loaniceva was escorted off the field by medic officials because of an injury.

Labasa scored another goal by Christopher Wassesela but this did not secure them their victory as Suva’s Nikhil Chand sealed the deal for the boys from Viti Levu.

Suva coach Gurjeet Singh said he was happy with the results now that they had earned themselves three points.

Singh said they would need to improve on some areas before their second match.

Labasa coach Bal Sanju Reddy said the wet conditions affected the boys’ performances.

But Reddy said he had identified some weaknesses that would be improved in the next match.

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