Suva marathon attracts top runners

NEXT month’s Suva Marathon has attracted the attention of some international competitors.

The event will be held on October 4 in the Capital City and is expected to become an annual event depending on its success.

Event official Chris Daniel said the competition was generating a lot of interest in Fiji as well.

“Around 200 participants have been confirmed and we expect the numbers to increase as we get closer to the race,” he said.

“There is some interest from international competitions with one runner from Arizona in the United States who claims to have run a marathon in 50 states of the United States.

“Also there are some runners from Australia and some other places as well not forgetting those from Fiji where the majority of the runners would be from.”

Daniel said there was also a vested interest in the event from people living with disabilities.

“I think the guys from the spinal injuries would be involved and the mental patient advocates as well along with a couple of others so we are gaining quite a bit of momentum as we get closer to the event date.

“Also I think the Jet Runners Club of Nadi would bring the largest numbers of athletes from the western division.”

Daniel said entries would be open until the race starts on October 4.

For international participants with foreign passports, entry fee is $10 while entry for Fiji citizen and volunteers is $2.

Entry for those under the age of 18 or over the age of 55 or those who are tertiary students is just $1.

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