Survivors’ messages help boost awareness campaign

BREAST cancer survivors sharing their message is the most effective way of ensuring the campaign is effective, says Fiji Cancer Society’s acting president Phillip Low.

Mr Low said the Pinktober campaign was not only to raise funds for those battling cancer, but to create awareness on breast cancer in men and women.

“The most important message you will hear on breast cancer will come from the survivors themselves,” Mr Low said.

“Each and every one must realise that at FCS one of our biggest inspirations, and for Fiji as well, are our breast cancer survivors.

“Without them, we do not know the true experiences and emotions in this journey and they help us understand and become more aware of what is happening.”

Mr Low said breast cancer patients must be commended for the gruelling journey they experienced while at the same time being part of a family and community.

“They are indeed strong and are worthy to be called survivors and we must not forget those who lost a loved one to breast cancer.

“They have also left behind their families and loved ones who have contributed in some way or form to their journey.

“Whenever you attend a Pinktober event or come into contact with a cancer patient, always take time to listen and appreciate their journey.”

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