Surviving on leftovers

EVACUEES sheltering at Tavua District School say they are surviving on “leftovers” salvaged from their flooded homes.

They claim that the only outside assistance received was from the Fiji Red Cross last week.

Joeli Nanuya, of Vanuakula Village, said they were eating the little food they carried while fleeing floodwaters.

Mr Nanuya said their homes and plantations had been under water since Sunday April 1.

“All our root crops have been washed away by floods on Sunday, April 1, last Wednesday and again today (yesterday),” he said.

“What we need right now is food and drinking water because we have infants, young children and the elderly.

“We are in a desperate situation.”

Another evacuee, Amele Tulo, echoed similar sentiments, saying their circumstances were beyond their control.

“We also lost all our furniture because the floodwaters rose so rapidly and we didn’t have time to move them to higher ground.”

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