Survey companies advised not to force voters to participate in political researches

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem. Picture: FILE

SURVEY companies have been advised not to force voters to participate in their researches on political issues leading up to the 2018 general elections.

Speaking at a media conference in Suva yesterday, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said he had received calls from concerned voters on some questions put before them by some survey companies on political issues.

While FEO doesn’t have the jurisdiction to stop surveys, he said, voters should be aware that they are protected by surveyor companies when participating in their surveys.

“What’s essential to know that a voter can refuse to participate in the survey, it’s the voters’ choice who they want to wish to vote or not to vote,” Mr Saneem said.

It was also important; he said that survey companies would inform voters in advance on the aim of their survey.

“I wish to remind survey companies, it’s absolutely important to inform voters where you are calling from and the reason for your call and voters should be consulted whether they want to want to participate or not.

“If the voters don’t want to corporate with the survey, the survey companies are invited to respect that decision,” Mr Saneem said.

He has also received complaints on voters claiming their privacy being violated because people have been calling them.

“While I cannot stop surveys I do wish to alert all voters that if they are contacted for a survey and you don’t wish to answer the questions, you have all the right to say I decline to comment,” Mr Saneem said.

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