Surveillance cameras for ‘a good night’s sleep’ on island

THREE new $2760 worth surveillance cameras recently given to the Naqara Crime Committee on Taveuni are expected to heighten security on the island’s only shopping centre.

Head of a fundraising drive that sought assistance from former residents of the island, Abhishek Sapra, attributed the success of the fundraising to former residents of the island who were residing around the country and overseas.

Mr Sapra said after a series of break-ins at the shopping centre in the past, he was approached by the Naqara Crime Prevention Committee for assistance.

“We had set up a ‘Go Fund Me Account’ on Facebook where we humbly requested friends for kind donations to purchase such cameras,” he said.

“The response was overwhelming and it was good to see that former Taveuni residents now living around the country and many of those abroad were still concerned about the welfare of their families back here.

“Money collected through the drive was enough to purchase the three sets of cameras and for this we will be forever grateful to our good Samaritans out there.

“Their contributions will now enable the small shopping centre and business operators on the island to have a good night’s sleep.”

Mr Sapra said the cameras would be set up by Telecom Fiji Ltd as soon as they receive them next week.

“It will be set up in strategic locations which have been targeted by criminals,” he said.

Naqara Crime Prevention Committee representative Aisake Vuniwai said they were thankful for the kind gesture.

Mr Vuniwai said the safety of a community was only possible if everyone worked together for a common good which was evident in the way that former residents gave with an open heart.

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