Suria offers free haircut

FOR some being a fan is only a hobby and could change like the weather because of their dedication and support being subjected to results, but for some it’s a lifetime passion.

Labasa diehard fan Tharo Bhai Mai Suria, 63, said he had been supporting his home team all his life.

He would always support them irrespective of the results.

“Win or Lose I support Labasa. If any Fiji team plays then I go Fiji go, but today it’s for Labasa, so go Lions go,” Suria said.

He had earlier promised the Labasa players if they win the 2017 Battle of the Giants (BOG) tournament then they would be getting free haircut.

“Right from the beginning, when Labasa first won the Inter District Championship in 1992 then after that I gave them one year free haircut for all the players.

He said every time whenever Labasa won a tournament back in 1992 (IDC), 1994 (IDC), 1997 (BOG), 2011 (IDC) and 2016 (IDC) he would find ways to reward the team.

“Labasa last won the BOG in 1997 and I tell in 2017 again it will be Labasa.

Furthermore, he added that they are all excited and looking forward to the finals and the whole of Labasa would be hoping that Fiji Football Association could bring it again to the North.

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